New Patients

New Patients

At Comfort Hold Dentures, your first appointment includes a thorough exam and gathering any information that our dentist must be aware of in order to provide care specifically to your oral health. We understand that all patients are different and require individualized care. 

Our Practice's Mission:

To fulfill our mission of providing quality dental care to you and your family, we are committed to:
  • Staying up to date with latest techniques and equipment.
  • Ensuring a comfortable, relaxing environment.
  • Exceeding your expectations with our professionalism.

What Every Patient Can Expect

At our practice, every patient can expect to be treated with prompt service at their specified appointment time. Our patients can also look forward to a comfortable experience. We understand that visiting a new dentist can be stressful, which is why our practice works to actively to accommodate all patients and alleviate any fears they may have about a new dentist or dentistry treatments. Familiarizing yourself with our practice, services, and our dentist is a great first step to creating a long term and comfortable experience with dentistry.


We accept most insurances including medicare, medicaid, and private insurances. If a patient wants to check with our practice to be sure, they should call us at our office phone Number 270-765-4162.

What patients should expect

  • If you are using insurance, you will need to bring your insurance card and ID.
  • If you are getting dentures, it will typically take 3 appointments after the initial exam before they are ready for pickup, which is well below the industry average of 5-6 appointments.
  • First appointment will be impressions which will take around an hour and a half, the second appointment will be the try-in which is much quicker, between 10-20 min, and the last appointment will be the delivery, which is also between 10-20 min.
  • Even though impressions take a while to complete, the patient isn’t needed in the operatory for the whole appointment, and is only needed for about 10-15 min and the beginning and end of the appointment, allowing the patient to leave and come back if they'd like.
  • The try-in is typically scheduled to be a day or two after the impressions.
  • Dentures typically take around 2-3 weeks to create after we complete the try-in.

Description of Impressions:

To be able to craft dentures, we must first take an impression of the patient’s mouth. This involves biting down into FDA-approved dental putty to create an imprint of the teeth, gums, and surrounding oral structures. The impression material hardens within a few minutes, creating a mold of your teeth and oral tissues. The mold is used to assess how your dental arches fit together, tooth size, gum relationships, and other important anatomical markings.

This mold can then be used to design your dentures and ensure they fit accurately to the patient.

Description of the try-in process:

Once the denture specialists make a wax model, we have the patient come back for the try-in appointment and see how the model looks and feels. At this point, the patient can add their own personal preferences to their smile and request a different size, shape, and shade of the teeth and adjust their alignment. Once the patient is happy with it, we can then begin making the final version of the denture.

We use a unique, custom workflow to produce our dentures that has been refined by over 30 years of experience fine-tuning our craft. It has allowed us to reduce the number of appointments the patient needs, while simultaneously increasing the accuracy of our fits. Over 80% of our patients don’t need any adjustments after our dentures are delivered. This is in stark contrast to the industry standard, which is to schedule adjustments after delivery because they expect it will be needed.

In-house lab means we have control over the entire process of the denture creation, from start to finish. This allows us to reduce the cost, reduce wait times, and ensure the process is free of any errors that could affect the fit of the denture.

We accept most forms of insurance including medicaid, allowing us to serve as many individuals in our community as possible.

We offer the best value in the denture market, and are confident that you are going to love how your dentures fit!