Denture Relines in Elizabethtown

We at Comfort Hold Dentures prefer the laboratory-cured, permanent reline where we partially replace the denture base with the same high-pressure pack method we use when making new dentures. This procedure creates a better fit with a stronger bond and takes approximately eight hours to complete. Very few dental offices use this method due to intensive labor and higher cost. We are very happy to offer this advantage to our patients since we have our own laboratory right here in our office.

Comfort Hold Dentures use only the highest quality materials when performing a denture reline. The quality of our temporary reline material equals with one might find in a permanent reline elsewhere. A temporary soft reline can be done in our office in about an hour.

We like to use this liner for people whose gums are changing and shrinking due to recent extraction, weight loss, etc. This material unlike most used for temporaries stays soft and can be added to. This is a great advantage for patients with recent extractions and very tender gums.


Our permanent soft relines are processed in our lab. It is very labor-intensive precise procedure taking approximately two days to complete. We recommend this type of reline to those patients with either very sharp or flat lower ridges. The reline will soften the impact of chewing and help to keep your plate in place, making your lower denture more comfortable. The best material stays soft and flexible over long periods. Its softness does not change even when soaked in harsh solutions, yet it also creates a much stronger bond.

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